Saturday, February 19, 2011

Welcome to the APFL!

Welcome great football fans to the All-Pro Football League.  This is the only football league in the world comprised of legendary football players along with some new-comers from different eras all in one league while still being in their prime.  Stay tuned for more updates to the All-Pro Football League as teams are preparing for season 1!

Teams are divided into the American All-Pros and the National All-Pros.
American All-Pros
Denver Stallions
Los Angeles Renegades
Miami Flippers
Pittsburgh Iron Men

National All-Pros
Dallas Desperados
Green Bay Pack
Philadelphia Flight
San Francisco Rush

Week 1
Denver vs. Los Angeles
Miami vs. Pittsburgh
Dallas vs. Green Bay
Philadelphia vs. San Francisco

Week 2
Miami vs. Denver
Los Angeles vs. Pittsburgh
Philadelphia vs. Dallas
Green Bay vs. San Francisco

Week 3
Pittsburgh vs. Denver
Los Angeles vs. Miami
San Francisco vs. Dallas
Green Bay vs. Philadelphia

Week 4
Los Angeles vs. Denver
Pittsburgh vs. Miami
Green Bay vs. Dallas
San Francisco vs. Philadelphia

Week 5
Denver vs. Miami
Pittsburgh vs. Los Angeles
Dallas vs. Philadelphia
San Francisco vs. Green Bay

Week 6
Denver vs. Pittsburgh
Miami vs. Los Angeles
Dallas vs. San Francisco
Philadelphia vs. Green Bay

Week 7
Playoff Week

Week 8
Championship Game